Scrane (made by Pinarello)


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Scrane Professional:

Scrane are still a very serious builder of competition bikes, at the forfront of development (as you can see if you Google “Scrane bicycles”.

I have ridden this particular bike the entire length of the 370Km Fosse Way non stop, so I can vouch for its comfort and “go anywhere” abilities! I love this bike, it is hansom, brilliantly fast, super stable, smooth, comfortable and I don’t know why I am putting her up fer sale)…

  • Scrane Professional oversize & special section Airplane II frame and fork with the finest alloy fillet MIG welding I have seen
  • Campagnolo 2 x 10 speed 53/39 Carbon UD Groupset – mint
  • New lightweight chain (done 370Km)
  • Campagnolo full 10 Ultra carbon lever & Brake set (new 370Km ago) with new Campag cable set
  • Record headset (new)
  • Selle Italis C2 Gel manganise rail saddle,  (the business on a distance ride) on Record Aero seat post
  • Modolo “Race” anatomic shape tech bars and stem with fab matching splash tape
  • Fabulous red Ambrisio wheel set with Campagnolo Record hubs and delicious Vittoria SC Corsa 320tpi tyres with 60gm latex tubes. You have to pump these to pressure every time you use them as they lose preasure faster than butyl tubes but when you ride them (especially with these rims and tyres) its like someone Polyfillered and talcum powdered the road…

A blindingly great bike. The best!

Scrane (made by Pinarello)